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Why KCP?
Trusted National Security

The Kansas City National Security Campus's most significant differentiator is our ability to be a TRUSTED site for producing numerous, diverse products and developing new technologies within a single secure facility. We offer a full range of electronic/microelectronic, mechanical (micro to large), and engineered materials development. Customers requiring prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, tooling and testing can be supported within a single facility. This means your work can stay within the security of our walls throughout the engineering, development, and manufacturing stages. We control and limit access to customer information and products on a strict need-to-know basis. The KC NSC will define the appropriate security plan to include physical, personnel, and administrative security measures designed to meet our customer's needs of each product or program. When your work comes to the Kansas City National Security Campus, you're not only getting the highest quality service but uncompromised security and safety as well.

Concept to Production Transition
We have the expertise and resources needed to successfully carry your product from inception to production. Technologies such as our computer modeling simulation and analysis, fabrication and assembly areas for electronic, mechanical, and plastic piece parts and assemblies, and functional and environmental testing ensure a smooth development. Our applied engineering experts use Six Sigma tools to characterize designs and processes, which guarantees reliable, high-yielding systems and production processes.

Custom Engineering, Prototyping & Manufacturing
We provide the experienced needed for custom design, development, product enhancement, and production tailored to the individual needs of each customer. The KC NSC project team works closely with our customers to define and prioritize the important drivers such as cost, quality, reliability, and survivability to make sure the design meets all customer expectations. Our engineering staff is second to none in transitioning design concepts to manufacturable products. Many of our design to prototype projects are transitioned to commercial industry for "build-to-print" higher volume manufacturing. Whether you have a sketch, a schematic, or a full-blown CAD model, we can complete the design, procure the needed materials and manufacture a prototype.

Furthermore, we bring together multidiscipline teams of electrical, mechanical and materials engineers to conduct our diversified manufacturing mission. This means the KC NSC is a one-stop shop for high-pedigree products requiring a variety of engineering and technical skill sets.

Today's products require increasing functionality in smaller packages. We have the skills, design tools and manufacturing capabilities to miniaturize virtually any type of mechanical or electronics product. Our engineers have transitioned many initial designs and prototypes to manufacturable miniature products using our extensive in-house capabilities.

Supply Chain Management
We have a "cradle-to-grave" approach to the management and planning activities encompassing procurement, supplier qualification, manufacturing, validation, logistics, warehousing and life-cycle support of a product or system. We offer supply chain management services to other government agencies in an effort to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency.

Value Engineering
Six Sigma methodology is a way of life at the KC NSC, and we use it to improve the value of all of our products. Value engineering can be defined as improving the design, producibility or functionality of a product, extending its life cycle, or reducing costs without sacrificing quality. We offer experienced engineers as well as analytical sciences and modeling capabilities to help customers achieve an improved product at the best value possible.

The KC NSC offers product packaging expertise to design and manufacture hardware to withstand extreme environmental conditions, wear and abuse. Utilizing our capabilities to simulate the packaging design, prototype, and physically test the design under various conditions guarantees functionality under severe, stressful operating environments.